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Process Safety Management

Who Uses Process Safety Management?

2 min read Many facilities need to develop a comprehensive process safety management program, and OSHA has focused its efforts on this standard in recent years. PSM is an important safety standard regarding highly hazardous chemicals and the proper handling of them. In addition to keeping workers safe, PSM aims to prevent potential disasters by reducing the risk …

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Asset tagging

Getting Started with Asset Tagging

2 min read One of the phases in 5S methodology of organization and efficiency is Set in Order. During this step, managers and employees work to ensure every item in a facility has a place and these can be items can be found when needed. For large manufacturing or industrial facilities thought, the sheer number of tools, machines, …

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pipe color codes

Pipe Marking Color Codes

2 min read When marking pipes, you want to make sure employees can tell what’s in the pipe with just a glance, and this is usually done with a color-coding system. The industry standard was developed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), an organization that developed the most widely used pipe color code standard. Employees working around …

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Forklift Operator Safety

Forklift Pre-Inspection Checklist

2 min read Most warehouses and manufacturing facilities use forklifts to complete critical daily operations but are also a common safety hazard. Forklift accidents can stem from a variety of problems, one of them being detectable equipment failure. Lowering common risk factors is the most important aspect of keeping forklifts safe for all the people involved in their …

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LT Supplies

An Overview of LabelTac Supplies

2 min read Thermal transfer printers use a combination of ribbon and supply to produce long-lasting labels. Think of the ribbon as the printer ink and the supply like paper in the printing process. Using LabelTac supplies with your LabelTac printer will ensure the labels you create are durable and professional grade. In this post, we will look …

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LabelTac labels

The Possibilities of LabelTac Labels

2 min read Are you ready to create beautiful labels right in your facility? The LabelTac industrial labeling system gives you the freedom to create from scratch or customize nearly any design of a label you can think of. LabelTac labels are durable and are designed to be resistant against scratching, smudging, fading, common chemicals, and elements of …

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LabelTac Ribbon

What to Know About LabelTac Ribbon

2 min read Creating professional grade and durable labels has never been easier with the LabelTac printing system. LabelTac printers are thermal transfer printers that essentially use heat to melt wax onto a surface to create a label. It is important when using a LabelTac printer to use corresponding LabelTac brand supplies for the best result. Today we …

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labeltac 4 pro user manual

What’s included with your printer: From the LabelTac 4 Pro User Manual to Warranties

2 min read Your purchase of a LabelTac printer comes with an unbeatable level of support from the knowledgeable labeling experts at Creative Safety Supply. Today we will be discussing what will come with a LabelTac 4 Pro, including warranty, benefits, and the LabelTac 4 Pro User Manual. The LabelTac Pro 4 is a compact desk printer that …

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