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Safety Supplies And Products

What you Need to Know About OSHA

2 min read The Occupational Health and Safety Administration, also known as OSHA, is a government body that sets and enforce standards in United States’ workplaces. As an employer, it is important to know OSHA’s priority is for workplace safety and not to issue fines and citations for businesses. Virtually every employee working in the country is “protected” …

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3 Characteristics for a Successful Lockout/Tagout Program

2 min read A lockout/tagout (LOTO) program is necessary for facilities with any type of dangerous machinery or equipment. The purpose of having a LOTO program in place is to control hazardous energy and protect those who are physically working or performing maintenance on a dangerous machine. While commonly used to control electricity safely, there are several other …

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Safety Supplies And Products

2 min read Safety supplies are required in every corporate field and these supplies have got the highest importance in meeting up accidental emergencies. Many people think that only those workers who work in any industrial units like warehouse or factory might face accidental injuries and thus they need to use safety supplies but this is completely a …

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