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Workplace Safety

What does HMIS stand for?

2 min read HMIS stands for Hazardous Materials Identification System. It is a rating system that uses numbers and colors to alert people of hazards associated with specific materials. This system was developed by the American Coatings Association with the intent of complying with OSHA Hazard Communication Standards. Today HMIS is used by many different industries because it …

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Process Safety Management

Who Uses Process Safety Management?

2 min read Many facilities need to develop a comprehensive process safety management program, and OSHA has focused its efforts on this standard in recent years. PSM is an important safety standard regarding highly hazardous chemicals and the proper handling of them. In addition to keeping workers safe, PSM aims to prevent potential disasters by reducing the risk …

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pipe color codes

Pipe Marking Color Codes

2 min read When marking pipes, you want to make sure employees can tell what’s in the pipe with just a glance, and this is usually done with a color-coding system. The industry standard was developed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), an organization that developed the most widely used pipe color code standard. Employees working around …

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Forklift Operator Safety

Forklift Pre-Inspection Checklist

2 min read Most warehouses and manufacturing facilities use forklifts to complete critical daily operations but are also a common safety hazard. Forklift accidents can stem from a variety of problems, one of them being detectable equipment failure. Lowering common risk factors is the most important aspect of keeping forklifts safe for all the people involved in their …

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