Create Professional Labels with LabelTac 4 Pro Ribbon

There are many important components of the LabelTac LabelTac 4 Pro Supplyindustrial labeling system: the printer, the LabelSuite Software, the wide variety of vinyl label options, but what about the ribbon? The LabelTac printers are thermal transfer industrial printers, and like any office printer, think of the vinyl label supply as the paper and the ribbon as the ink. The LabelTac 4 Pro Ribbon ensures any label you print using the corresponding printer will be crystal clear and extremely durable.

Why the LabelTac 4 Pro Ribbon?

Firstly, the LabelTac 4 Pro Industrial Printer is a high-volume workhorse capable of printing thousands of labels per day. While you will need to purchase supply for the label, anything from magnetic supply to glow-in-the dark supply, it is just as important to get the highest quality “ink,” also known as the LabelTac 4 Pro Ribbon.

All the LabelTac ribbons have the following in common: rich, full colors, durability, scratch resistant, and smudge proof. The only difference, save for the UltraChem ribbon, is the size of each roll, with different rolls used for different LabelTac models.

LabelTac printers use special thermal transfer print ribbons to print out labels and signs that will not smear or fade over time. The ribbon is applied to the supply of your choice by essentially melting a coating of ribbon onto the vinyl. The LabelTac technology ensures the ribbon and supply will stay bonded in all types of industrial workplaces.

Don’t create humdrum labels! Label Tac 4 Pro Ribbon comes in a variety of rich and high-quality colors including yellow, blue, orange, red, blue, black, and white. Whether outside or in a manufacturing facility, the LabelTac ribbon creates high-grade labels and signs resistant to smudging and scratching, keeping your labels beautiful for years to come. The following are some ideas to get you started printing labels today!

  • Red ribbon: While white text on red background is common for fire safety labels, you can achieve the same contrast by using red ribbon on white supply.
  • Black ribbon: Perfect for creating simple text on any types of labels and is the standard choice for both warning and caution signs.
  • White ribbon: Along with black ribbon, white is an excellent neutral color that will lend itself to all types of signs and is the standard for danger, notice, and safety instruction signs.

If your workplace is consistently handling hazardous chemicals, there is ribbon that too. The UltraChem ribbon is compatible with both the LabelTac 4 and LabelTac 4 Pro and is designed to work on the UltraChem supply for the most chemical-resistant labeling option. These labels will withstand ethanol, acetone, IPA, MEK, paint thinner, brake fluid, etc., and are ideal for automotive labels, chemical drum labels, circuit board labels, and much more.


Whatever your labeling projects are, creating first aid labels, NFPA labels, funny labels, or wayfinding labels, the LabelTac ribbon will ensure the text and symbols used will withstand industrial hazards as well as the elements. Create beautiful and professional grade labels quickly and easily with the LabelTac industrial label systems.

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