The Possibilities of LabelTac Labels

LabelTac labelsAre you ready to create beautiful labels right in your facility? The LabelTac industrial labeling system gives you the freedom to create from scratch or customize nearly any design of a label you can think of. LabelTac labels are durable and are designed to be resistant against scratching, smudging, fading, common chemicals, and elements of an industrial environment.

What kind of LabelTac labels can I make?

Pipe marking labels: There are several colors you can choose from the classic LabelTac supply to easily comply with pipe color code standards. Creative Safety Supply also offers a Low Halide Supply that will prevent pipes from corrosion related to labeling. The supply which is engineered with low levels of halogen comes in the following ten colors: black, white, yellow, blue, gray, green, purple, brown, orange, and red. The variety of colors will ensure you’re compliant with the ANSI pipe marking standards and even marine color code standards.

Equipment labels: Hazardous equipment and machines are often found in the workplace that will require workers to take extra caution to avoid injury. Adhering labels reminding workers to wear safety gloves before touching the equipment or placing “High Voltage” labels can keep employees safe around otherwise dangerous equipment. LabelTac supply is guaranteed to last years in an industrial environment, but there are temporary options as well including magnetic supply and static cling supply.

Arc flash labels: Arc flash and electrical dangers pose a very serious risk to employees. You can use continuous header supply to print off OSHA compliant arc flash labels and signs. Using LabelSuite, you can insert a safety alert symbol, a header with the signal word DANGER, and a word message that furthers explains the hazard.

First aid labels: Having green supply on hand means you can design and print a variety of first aid labels. Effective labels where workers can find first aid stations, emergency safety showers, and emergency eye washes can be easily created with LabelTac, and it will most likely take just a few minutes.

Magnetic labels: This type of labels, whether they’re safety or instructional labels, can come in a variety of backings including magnetic backing. Magnetic labels are an ideal solution for when environments may not properly cooperate with an adhesive backing. These labels work wonderfully in industrial workplaces and can be placed on machines, equipment, metal shelves, etc. Magnetic supply comes in black, white, yellow, red, green, blue, and orange.

NFPA 704 labels: One type of supply that is pre-printed is the supply that features a blank NFPA diamond that is ready to be customized. The supply is tough and tear resistant, and the labels printed are extremely professional looking.

Labels are not the only thing you can create with the LabelTac printer. By purchasing sign blanks, you can adhere regular labels onto the blank to create a custom wall sign ready to be hung up on the wall. The possibilities of LabelTac labels are truly endless!

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