What’s included with your printer: From the LabelTac 4 Pro User Manual to Warranties

Your purchase of a LabelTac printer comes with an unbeatable level of support from the knowledgeable labeling experts at Creative Safety Supply. Today we will be discussing what will come with a LabelTac 4 Pro, including warranty, benefits, and the LabelTac 4 Pro User Manual.

labeltac 4 pro user manual
From the LabelTac 4 Pro User Manual

The LabelTac Pro 4 is a compact desk printer that can be easily moved around the workplace and is capable of printing thousands of high quality and professional grade labels in a single day, without slowing down! This industrial label printer can print labels varying from ½” up to 4” wide, and up to 40 inches long. The labels produced by the LabelTac Pro 4 have been developed to withstand the industrial environment, both indoors and outside.

What is in the LabelTac 4 Pro User Manual?

The LabelTac 4 Pro User Manual is an extremely comprehensive, 28-page, guide that would be helpful to anyone who will be working with this printer. The manual is easy to access and is available on LabelTac.com meaning you won’t have to rummage through drawers trying to find it.

The guide begins with giving you a complete and detailed diagram of what you will receive when the printer arrives, and the different parts of the printer. This includes the different ports on the back of the printer, the alignment guides, ribbon hubs, and more, so you can really get familiar with your printer. The guide continues with step-by-step instructions on connecting your LabelTac printer, installing LabelTac drivers, installing templates and symbols, and loading the print ribbon and tape supply.

Extensive and easy to follow instructions on printing labels are also included, guiding you effortlessly through the process. The LabelTac 4 Pro User Manual also contains troubleshooting steps and solutions to common issues. Finally, it is important to clean your LabelTac printer after 10 rolls of supply and two cleaning swabs are included in your printer purchase; simply follow the instructions outlined in the guide to effective clean all parts of the printer

What other support comes with my LabelTac?

Creative Safety Supply prides themselves with unmatched service and support than can’t be beat. In addition to the LabelTac 4 Pro User Manual, you will also receive a full lifetime warranty free of charge! This warranty covers parts, manufacturer defects and the thermal print head. If your printer needs repaired, Creative Safety Supply will provide free loaner printers to minimize potential downtime. If the printer changes owners at any time, the warranty can be transferred. You will also have access to support from the labeling professionals, for life! IF you run into any problems or have any questions regarding your printer, just give the experts at Creative Safety Supply a call and they will be happy to help you out.

The LabelTac line of printers also includes the LabelSuite software, a $299 value, for free! This software is extremely intuitive and easy to use and has a similar interface to programs like Microsoft Word. Loaded with templates and symbols galore, you can create type of label. Whether you need to print a custom first aid sign or a small “Employees Only” sign, LabelSuite offers a multitude of customizable options from borders, text, color, all the way down to the exact symbol you want to use.

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