An Overview of LabelTac Supplies

Thermal transfer printers use a combination of ribbon and supply to produce long-lasting labels. Think of the ribbon as the printer ink and the supply like paper in the printing process. Using LabelTac supplies with your LabelTac printer will ensure the labels you create are durable and professional grade. In this post, we will look at the many different options of available LabelTac supply and the all the workplace labeling possibilities.

LabelTac Supplies

A Variety of LabelTac Supplies

LabelTac supplies, when used in conjunction with LabelTac ribbon, LabelTac printers, and the LabelSuite software guarantees the labels you design and print are at a professional level and will withstand the conditions of an industrial environment.

Solid color supply: This includes both the classic LabelTac supply, along with a variety of other versions of supply. The label supply for all LabelTac printers, as well as the high performance 10-year vinyl, come in 17 rich colors including hi-visibility options. The amount of colors you can purchase supply in guarantees any pipe labeling or color coding project can be completed. Other solid color options include the magnetic supply, the repositionable supply, low halide supply, printable heat shrink tubing, cold storage supply, and the high temperature supply.

Pre-printed supply: Add another layer of creation with customizable pre-printed labels. Both GHS and NFPA supply come pre-printed with empty diamonds you can fill with hazard pictograms already loaded into the LabelSuite software. Continuous header rolls are also available, both blank and ones with signal words already printed for an easy and quick option to create OSHA/ANSI compliant labels. Pre-printed lockout/tagout tags feature a red and white danger pattern as the frame and DANGER written at the top with a white panel for customization. These LOTO tags were developed specifically to be resistant to moisture, UV light, chemicals, and high temperatures. Finally, RTK supply ensures you can print “Right-to-Know” labels that will be compliant with OSHA and can be easily read by workers.

Different vinyl finishes: There are many different finishes you can order your LabelTac supplies in if you’re looking for a different look than vinyl. There is photoluminescent supply available that will glow when the lights are shut off. Reflective supply that can be used in areas with low visibility comes in several colors including yellow, orange, white, red, and green. Another option is the LabelTac brushed metal stock that will give your labels or wall signs an enhanced look; this supply comes in both silver and gold.


Even just starting with the classic LabelTac supply will produce labels that will last five years in outdoor application and even longer when placed indoors. Having professional-grade labels in your facility will enhance visual communication and you will have the ability to create nearly any type of label you can think of. From machine labels, barcoding labels, magnetic labels, compliant labels, cable markers, and everything in between can be created and customized.

If you have any questions or concerns about your LabelTac printer, you will have lifetime support from the knowledgeable labeling experts at Creative Safety Supply; give them a call today!

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