What’s so great about the LabelTac 9 Printer?

Creating custom safety labels, 5S labels, cable labels, barcodes, or labeltac 9 printerwhatever types of labels your facility needs is simple with the LabelTac 9 printer. If your workplace is constantly printing out labels or signs, this printer model is the perfect match. The LabelTac 9 is one of the largest industrial labeling systems on the market and is capable of creating labels up to nine inches wide and 200 inches long. This printer can print at an extremely fast rate, four inches every second. The LabelTac 9 also features an LCD display and a clear media view window so you can watch as your labels are created!

About the LabelTac 9 Printer

When the LabelTac 9 printer is used in conjunction with LabelTac supplies, the options for types of labels you can produce are endless. You can create labels that will withstand extreme temperatures or hazardous chemicals, labels that will stick to oily surfaces or labels that use static cling to adhere to a surface, and labels that are dry-erase marker compatible or labels that are bright and reflective. You can also purchase PVC or aluminum sign blanks to transform your labels into wall signs. Whatever type of labels you need for the workplace, the LabelTac printer series can make your vision into a reality.

If you’re not sure what to use labels for, the following are five uses for that can be easily made with the LabelTac 9 printer:

  1. Safety signs and labels: LabelTac printers can create safety labels in a matter of minutes. Whether you need to mark pipes or label dangerous machine, the LabelTac 9 printer can create large and easy to see labels quickly. The LabelTac 9 printer can create large, easy to see, and visually appealing signs for any type of workplace.
  2. GHS labels: Stay OSHA compliant with custom GHS labels in house! There is even GHS die-cut label supply, making the process even easier.
  3. 5S labels: The key to 5S success is visual communication, and any 5S program can benefit from having an industrial label printer. Standardize the custom signs for best results.
  4. Wayfinding: Control facility traffic by designing and printing wayfinding labels. From arrows to signs that read “Thru traffic keep right”, keep drivers and pedestrians safe with these labels.
  5. Floor labeling: Print off labels that can be directly placed on the floor and will last for years to come. These labels can indicate where items should be placed, alert workers to hazard, and anything in between.

For any customer purchasing a LabelTac printer, LabelSuite a $299 value, is included for free. This intuitive and easy-to-use software can create custom labels in minutes. LabelSuite comes loaded with thousands of symbols and templates, as well as wizards to guide you through a few labeling projects.

Finally, all LabelTac printers come up with a full lifetime warranty and lifelong support from Creative Safety Supply, both free of charge. So, if you have any questions or problems with your LabelTac printer, the experts at Creative Safety Supply are here to help.

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