LabelTac Tape in the Workplace

labeltac tape

There are a few things that go into the process of industrial thermal transfer printing: the printer itself, the supply, and the ribbon. The LabelTac printing series produces high grade and extremely durable custom labels in house, and quickly. In the sense of a regular printer, think of the ribbon as the ink and the supply as the paper. The supply, also referred to as LabelTac tape, comes in many varieties and are the perfect base for printing your labels.

What’s up with LabelTac tape? 

LabelTac tape comes in a variety of adhesives, colors, sizes, and materials, giving you the option to create virtually any type of label for any type of industrial environment. Depending on your LabelTac printer model, the width of LabelTac tape ranges from ½” all the up to 9” in half-inch increments. The bigger printers like the LabelTac 6 and 9are ideal for creating labels that can be easily seen from a distance. There is also LabelTac Printable Heat Shrink that will shrink to half its original size when heated.

A great feature of all the LabelTac supplies is the rich color. The regular supply comes in nearly twenty colors including yellow, purple, red, blue, clear, a range of hi-vis colors and much more. Whichever color you need for your labeling project, you can be sure these labels will stay vibrant for years to come.

If you’re looking for something more specific, LabelTac probably has that too. Pre-printed, customizable signs make creating GHS, NFPA, and OSHA compliant signs extremely easy. Also in stock for printers are reflective supplies, brushed metal supplies, a dry erase supply, and even a glow-in-the-dark supply.

If you need something different than the long-lasting adhesive of the classic LabelTac supply, there’s options for that too. There is magnetic supply that will attach to metal surfaces, supply that is designed to be repositionable and even supply that uses static cling to adhere to surfaces. Another great way to use your industrial label printer is to create labels and adhere them to sign blanks for an instant and professional looking wall sign.

The number of labels you can make in day are in the hundreds, even up into the thousands! These labels will be scratch and smudge proof and can survive an industrial work environment. Resistant to chemicals and fading, you will be sure that these labels will last for years. The LabelTac printer series also comes with a full lifetime warranty and access to the knowledgeable experts at Creative Safety Supply for life.

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